DPPrimer: A Degenerate PCR Primer Design Tool
Bioinformatics Laboratory
National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources
Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Pusa, New Delhi, India

DPPrimer: A Degenerate PCR Primer Design Tool
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  [Optional: Enter a descriptive title for your Degenerate primer search, e.g. Design degenerate primers for SHP1 protein]

Domain Search (Know whether your amplicon would contain functional domain)
[Interproscan scans a given protein sequence against the protein signatures of the InterPro member databases (PROSITE, PRINTS, Pfam, ProDom, SMART, TIGRFAMMs]

Parameter Selection   [Following are the default parameters. If you want to change parameters, you can change their values]

BLAST sequence identity threshold
Consensus sequence identity threshold
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Guide to Download and Installation
Designed & developed by Shachi Gahoi & Dr. Soma S. Marla , Bioinformatics Lab, NBPGR, ICAR, New Delhi, India
Contact - Dr. Soma S. Marla , Principal Scientist (Bioinformatics). Email-soma.marla@nbpgr.ernet.in